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Real Christians aren’t assholes

In High School I had a friend who was super religious, her whole family was. Despite this, she was pro-marriage equality, pro-choice, and never once tried to convert me or make me feel bad about my own religious decisions (I was and still am an agnostic). She was always kind, and treated everyone with respect, regardless of race, religion, or orientation. For her the heart and soul of being a Christian was to love others and treat others with dignity. She was a real Christian. 

Not my usual reblog (I prefer to avoid drama) but it is comforting to know that there are people that think along the same lines I do. Love thy neighbor, everyone!






Where can I watch this?! 

Are we just not gonna talk about the last guy’s reaction?

Are we not going to talk about the fact that there is a tv show in japan where random things around the room are made of chocolate and people have to go around and bite EVERYTHING to check 

can someone post the fucking source video already

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If you see it only rotating to the left you are creativity an artistic based, if you see it rotating to the right you are mathematical and intelligence based. However if you see it rotating one way and see if then begin to rotate the other way, you have a balance of both. It’s just to see which side of your brain you use the most! It’s not a gif that changes between rotating left and right, it’s to do with your brain!

i havent seen this for sooo long!

When I looked at it for the first minute I was only able to perceive it as rotating to the right and I couldn’t understand why since I’ve always been an artist

I look away and then look back it and it rotating to the left


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